Billy Kwong, Potts Point

After hearing about Billy Kwong’s move to Potts Point from its previous Surry Hills location to fulfil Kylie’s dream restaurant, I knew I had to try it right away. It was just a shame I was still in France…I must admit the new restaurant fell to the back of my mind once I arrived back in Sydney, overwhelmed by the number of new cafés and restaurants that had popped up all over the city whilst I was gone. But when it came to deciding the perfect venue for my recent birthday, Billy Kwong was always going to be the winner.


I had dined at the Surry Hills restaurant a couple times and it was always a hit, so I knew we were in for a great dinner. I am happy to say that this particular night was even better, with both the food and the service completely blowing me away. Throughout the entire night we were treated to such attentive service, with our glasses always full and the frequent chats and jokes with our lovely waitress.


I of course went straight for the cocktail list (it was my birthday after all..) and ordered a concoction I can’t exactly remember the name of, but it had Gin and Honey from Wayside Chapel and was literally heaven on earth. If you go, please tell me what it’s called so I can name all my children after it…


And finally onto the food. First up were incredible Steam Oysters with a Shallot Dressing (a special on the night). I was a little sceptical about having the oysters steamed, however these were so delicious and even tasted less fishy than the usual fresh oyster.


Next up was the Steamed Prawn Wontons with Brown Rice Vinegar ($19). There’s not too much to say about these other than they were absolutely delicious – we ended up ordering another round.


Another set of dumplings was definitely necessary so we opted for another special – Steamed Siu Mai with Spanner Crab and Prawns. These were pretty delicious, but we definitely preferred the steamed prawn wontons!


And the absolute winners were these bad boys – Crispy Salt Bush Cakes with Chilli Sauce ($16). We seriously could not get enough of these! The only way I can describe them is like a Greek spinach spanakopita but without the cheese…and with a delicious spicy sauce (you get me?). Again, these were so good we ordered another round.


Now to the mains. First up we had the Billy Kwong signature – Crispy Skin Duck and Saskia Beer’s White Cooked Chicken. Although I didn’t try any of these dishes, I have had the duck before and it is one of the best things to try at Billy Kwong! However, the white cooked chicken received mixed reviews, with most of my family finding it a little bland tasting. I had the Steamed Fish Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onions ($38) which I thought was delicious and light, the perfect dish after all those entrees.


We also took one of the waitress’ recommendations – Deep Fried Silken Tofu with Black Beans and Chilli. And it was the greatest idea we had all night. The flavours in this dish were seriously mind-blowing, we were tempted to order more to take away…


And of course, there’s no trip to Billy Kwong without an order of the Dry Fried Green Beans with Miso, Chilli and Sesame Seeds ($10). As usual, they were on point and so delicious they were inhaled straight away.


Finally, we of course ordered dessert (two to share after this giant meal to feed a village). First up was the Chocolate Mousse. I can’t admit I’m a big fan of chocolate mousse in general, but this was absolutely mind-blowing. The mousse was so light and silky – I will be ordering this for every birthday from now on.


And secondly, the alternative dessert special was a Ginger Pannacotta. Now this was heaven. The flavours were so light and fresh, I felt like I was eating something that was healthy…if only…


Once again, Billy Kwong pulled out all the stops and went even further than its usual mind-blowing dishes. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday meal. Now to just save up for my next meal at Billy Kwong…X

Billy Kwong
Shop 1, 28 Macleay Street
Hours: Monday to Thursday 5:30-10pm, Friday to Saturday 5:30-11pm, Sunday 5:30-9pm
Price: $$$

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