Devon on Danks, Waterloo

After months of lusting over photos of Devon on Danks swamping Instagram, I decided to have a celebratory birthday brunch there and finally try out their insta-famous dishes. Having tried and loved Devon Café in Surry Hills, I knew I was in for a treat at their Waterloo café – particularly with the huge range of cronuts (expect a looong post).



Firstly the space that Devon has overtaken is really fresh and minimalistic, with loads of room for big groups and cute fresh flowers adorning every table. I also loved the ‘Stay Curious’ neon sign, acting as a quirky focal point for the space. The service at Devon on Danks is also a huge plus, with the waiters being super attentive and accommodating during our meal – a big difference from their Surry Hills location where I find the service a little hit and miss.


I of course started with my morning medication – a soy piccolo. The coffee was on point and was guzzled down very quickly.


First up was the new version of the Naked Bruschetta ($14.50). I loved the old version of the bruschetta that I tried at Devon, but I have to say the newer version knocked it out of the park. With the Meredith goat’s curd, walnut bread, roasted and pickled beetroot, avocado, kale crumble and soft boiled egg, the boys from Devon have seriously made a flavour sensation with this dish. Beetroot, kale and goats curd are one of my favourite combinations, but reinvented in this way – just amazeballs!


We of course had to try Devon on Danks’ famous Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham (who wouldn’t with that name?). The dish comprised of Thick cut bacon, crispy potato, 63 degree egg, green tomato ketchup, pea puree, soy beans, pea tendrils and jus ($20). I of course didn’t try the bacon, however I had a nibble of the crispy potato and green ketchup and was seriously impressed. It reminded me of the older version of the naked bruschetta, with the use of peas. And that crispy potato should be illegal it was so delicious.


One dish I have seriously been drooling over has been the Breakfast with the Sakuma’s ($25). I don’t know who the Sakumas are but oh my god do they cook a delicious breakfast! Being miso grilled king salmon, 63 degree egg, smoked eel croquette, radish salad and kewpie mayonnaise, I was seriously in heaven. I must admit I’ve never had salmon for breakfast, but I think this needs to become a regular thing. The salmon was cooked to perfection, and the croquette was so creamy, offset by the radish salad…just wow!


Z opted for the Manny P Burger ($19) with Spiced fried chicken fillet, chilli mayo, fragrant herbs, pickles and chips. Although I didn’t try this one I did have a little taste of the sauce which was pretty delicious and received commendations from all the meat-eaters.


Of course we couldn’t leave without sampling a few cronuts and donuts that Devon on Danks is so well-known for.


First we decided to share the Salted Caramel Cronut ($6.50). I can’t even put this into words but oh my god drool. This was possibly the best sweet thing I’ve ever tasted, filled with layers and layers of delicious salted caramel that oozes out with every bite.


We also chose 3 donuts ($7) to snack on on our way out. I have to admit the Asian flavour of the day (Red bean) wasn’t my favourite, however, the other two (Passionfruit and Coconut + Salted Caramel) were quite delicious – but still nothing on that cronut!

I can happily say that my first experience at Devon on Danks way exceeded my expectations. Every meal provided such innovative and interesting flavours that I’ve never experienced anywhere before – especially not for breakfast. I will definitely be back soon to try a few more of the dishes and a dinner date at the restaurant is in the works too! X

Devon on Danks
2 Danks Street
Hours: Monday to Tuesday 8am-4pm, Wednesday to Friday 8am-4pm and 6-10pm, Saturday 8am-3:30pm and 6-10pm, Sunday 8am-3:30pm
Price: $$

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