O Crab, Chatswood

My recent conversion from vegetarian to pescatarian has led to a serious over indulgence in seafood. Although I do strive to make sure the seafood I eat comes from sustainable sources, I just couldn’t say no to my brother’s birthday dinner at the newest crab shack to hit Sydney – O Crab.


It’s not easy to get me all the way out to Chatswood, but for crab I’ll go anywhere! Firstly, I must note that O Crab is a little hard to find. Google Maps led us to a quiet apartment building with no crab smashing or prawn shells in sight. After a little wandering, we finally stumbled upon the restaurant so these are the best directions I can give. Go to number 9 on the street (apartment building) and take the stairs on the right hand side and at the top the restaurant is on the left! (I tried) The restaurant itself is decked in nautical theme with fishing nets hanging from the ceiling so you won’t miss it. The place is also quite big so is a really great place to bring big groups.


After a long day we were definitely overdue for a cocktail or two. I went straight for the Strawberry Martini ($16). Although a little on the pricey side, the daiquiri was very strong so it definitely made up for it!


First, we ordered a few ‘light dishes’ as entrées including this Old Bay Style Tempura Calamari with Lemon & Chilli Mayo ($12). These were absolutely delicious – really light unlike the usual fried calamari and the mayo was delicious we wanted to put it on everything.


Next up was the 1kg Magnificent Mussels in a Creamy White Wine Sauce ($25). These also were delicious – perfectly cooked and the sauce complimented the mussels really well. However, when we tried to have the bread morsels in the sauce it was way too salty so unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy dipping into some yummy broth.


Onto the 500g of Prawns in Garlic Butter with a Special Blend of Herbs ($25). Besides being outrageously hot when they came out, we tucked straight into the prawns. The flavours were great and there was a lot of sauce to dip into. However, the prawns were quite overcooked and a little chewy. I understood that this would probably happen seeing as they can easily overcook in the bag, so it didn’t worry us too much and we lapped them up! The flavours definitely made up for any chewiness.


Finally onto the crabs (the food kind)! First up was the Mud Crab in the Original Old Bay Blend (Market Price). Now I definitely understand why you need a big mallet when you go to O Crab – the crab shell is so hard and thick you seriously need to smash the sh*t out of the crab to get the delicious flesh out. But oh my god was it worth it. The crabs were cooked to perfection and the flavours were delicious – slightly Indian-esque/South American spices.


And it just gets better. Next was the Mud Crab with Justin’s Special Chilli Sauce (Market Price). Once again the crab was cooked to perfection. But the favours were so bloody delicious I wanted to coat my body in it (sorry not sorry). Although being very mild, the garlicky, sweet flavour complimented the soft crab flesh so perfectly. By the end of this one we were completely covered in sticky, garlicky sauce and we definitely were not complaining.

We definitely all agreed that O Crab was some of the best crab we had ever had. The experience of O Crab itself was great, being able to smash food with a mallet and wear bibs (Freudian fantasy?) and the staff were so friendly and attentive. I will absolutely be back to O Crab, even if it is just to get a little stress out on a crab. X

O Crab
Suite 2/9 Railway Street
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am-3pm and 6pm-10pm, Saturday to Sunday 11am-11:30pm
Price: $$-$$$

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4 thoughts on “O Crab, Chatswood

  1. I’m really keen to try this being a serious seafood addict. I think I’d need to organise a large enough group to share the food and also what’s probably going to be a hefty price tag if I order too many crabs. Do you remember what the market price was?


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