Devon Café, Surry Hills

Now this is the second time I’ve visited Devon Café, which for me, is a clear sign of true love. My first time at Devon was a dream come true; filled with pea tendrils and goat’s curd mousse, I felt as though I were in a gastronomic fairytale. I knew I had to go back.

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Drawing inspiration from the multicultural cuisines of Australia, Devon café fuses pan-Asian flavours with seasonal produce and fine dining flair. And what is produced is utter perfection. The café itself hosts a number of tables for groups big and small, mostly located at the back of the residence. Before we hit the food, a major highlight of Devon is their superb coffee, serving Perth-based 5 Senses coffee. I would definitely recommend trying out the Cold Drip, probably the best I’ve had.


We started off a little savoury, with the Naked Bruschetta ($14.50), with roasted pumpkin, pea and goat’s curd mousse, konbu crunch, edamame, pea tendrils, focaccia and a 63-degree egg. This is the perfect example of Devon’s fusion of east and west, re-creating the traditional bruschetta to incorporate Asian ingredients and flavours. I’ve had this before and was definitely not disappointed! The flavours are exceptional, but very different, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it for the non-adventurous (who are you?). This was the dish that took my 63-degree egg virginity, and can I just say, it was just how my teenage-self dreamt it would be (sorry, not sorry). For those of you who are still virgins, the 63-degree egg is only just cooked, probably not for those who prefer their yolks hard (again, who are you??). I did notice a couple next to us complain about the undercooked-ness of the egg, so be warned, this is not the traditional poached egg!


Next up was the ‘My Second Asian Cousin Gone Summery’ ($14), with tapioca and coconut pudding, fresh mango, young coconut jelly, chia seeds, macadamias and freeze-dried lychees. This was just wow! Now I eat a lot of tapioca, and this is by far the best I’ve ever had. The combination with mango is always delicious, but what caught me were the incredible freeze-dried lychees, providing the perfect crunchiness to an otherwise creamy dish. The number of elements in this dish really surprised me, and it was the perfect example of how Devon can pretty much succeed at anything.


Here’s a close-up of the deliciousness. It was the name initially that sold me, but when trying this bad-boy out, I was committed and knew this would turn into a beautiful love affair.


Last but not least was the Little Lost Bread ($16.50). Having wanted to try this for a long time, we finally took the plunge and entered into creamy, sweet heaven. The brioche French toast is topped with freeze-dried strawberries, balsamic, strawberry gastrique, strawberry cheesecake icecream and Arnott’s biscuit crumble. For the meat-eaters, you can opt for bacon on the side too ($4)! This is definitely for the sweet-lovers, although those that aren’t will probably be converted too. The brioche was soft in the middle and crunchy on the edges, just how a french toast should be. And the strawberries created the perfect traditional flavours, with non-traditional finesse. Although we couldn’t quite finish this one, I’ll definitely be having a little Autumn fling with this baby.

So there’s my review of Devon Café. I am yet to try Devon on Danks, but that will definitely be in the cards over the next few months. I know I will definitely be back to Devon for any excuse, even if it’s a sneaky Little Lost Bread in between classes (you know you would too). X

Devon Café 76 Devonshire Street Hours: Monday to Friday 7am-4:30pm, Saturday to Sunday 8am-3:30pm Price: $$

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2 thoughts on “Devon Café, Surry Hills

  1. You have to try the new Naked Bruschetta! Well if you like goats cheese, beet root and avocado anyway. They did a bruchetta with these elements years ago (talking like 2012) but this reinvention is incredible. With all that said, still miss this pumpkin based one too.


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