Rustic Pearl, Surry Hills

In a suburb so overpopulated by hip and trendy cafés, where breakfast items including labneh and enoki mushrooms are the norm, is this pearl (sorry, not sorry) of a café, Rustic Pearl. Serving a Mediterranean-inspired menu, breakfast ranges from Aegean breakfast plates to lobster benedict and everything in between. And boy was it good.


After a brief wait, we were seated outside on busy Crown Street, perfect for people watching on a Saturday morning. We started off with a round of coffees and drinks. Serving Mecca coffee ($4 for a soy macchiato), I was automatically induced in a happy coffee coma. Whilst Z opted for the cherry nectar, delicious and refreshingly sweet, yet not too sweet (if you know what I mean).


We also ordered the Chocamolé Smoothie ($8) with avocado, cocoa, honey, pistachio and pomegranate seeds. Now this was totally unexpected.  The taste of avocado was completely undistinguishable, just tasting like a delicious dark chocolate smoothie. Now who wouldn’t love that?


Now moving onto the delicious food that followed. We started with the Eggs Benedict, with two poached organic eggs, bacon, homemade hollandaise sauce and a tomato chutney ($18). This I didn’t try because of my current vegetarian status, yet seeing as I did have a vegetarian benedict, I tasted all the essential flavours, and I can say it was great! And Z licked the plate clean, so you always know that’s a good sign.


Next up was the Smoked Wagyu Omelette with Buffalo Mozzarella, Spinach Skordalia, Tomato Relish and Toast ($17). For all those of you who were deprived of a Greek upbringing, skordalia is a delicious potato and garlic dip that should be smeared on basically anything! This one I did try sans the wagyu and it was beautiful. I could taste the smokiness coming through with the mozzarella, and the skordalia added a certain zing to the meal that I loved. I’ve never had a spinach skordalia, but it really was delicious, much like a more garlicy-y pesto.


Last up was my little vegetarian alteration, replacing the bacon in the traditional benedict to have mushrooms instead. Everyone has raved about how good the benedicts here at Rustic Pearl are (there’s multiple!), and I definitely couldn’t miss out! The hollandaise was absolute perfection, not too creamy or heavy that I would have to spend the rest of the day on the toilet (sorry). And the tomato relish was great to cut through the buttery sauce. Absolutely nothing to fault with this one!


I have to say that Rustic Pearl definitely lived up to my expectations. I haven’t been completely satisfied with a breakfast in a while, and this was refreshingly delicious! All the way down to great service, Rustic Pearl is really a place that I will go back to and I couldn’t recommend it more! X

Rustic Pearl
415 Crown Street
Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday to Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 8am-5pm
Price: $$

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