Marcelle, Potts Point

Well that didn’t last long…I am officially no longer a vegan. After two eye infections, the flu and serious fatigue, I decided that my body was not ready this time to tackle an entirely plant-based diet. So I’m back again, and God does it feel good! Except for the fact that I am now juggling 3 different jobs and trying to keep up with this blog, I finally feel like myself again and it’s been a week of scoffing my face with every animal-related product (except the actual animal itself).


This morning I found myself at a work meeting at Marcelle, tucked away on Macleay Street in Potts Point. The café itself looks small but is deceivingly bigger out the back where we were seated on a long share table. The interiors were really well done, with a focus on dark woods and industrial lighting which seems to be quite trendy at the moment. We started off with a round of coffees, with my usual soy macchiato ($4). The coffees were exceptional, with their beans coming from AllPress, and no sign of curdled soy here (winning)! The service was pretty good, nothing overly friendly but nothing to complaint about either.


We moved on to breakfast, starting with the soft-baked eggs with goats curd and spinach ($11). Although sounding delicious on the menu, this unfortunately was a big disappointment. Instead of ‘soft-baked eggs’, they were extremely overcooked, tasting like mushy egg with no sign of oozy yolk. The combination of the goats curd and spinach was quite flat, with no saltiness associated with a goats cheese (instead of the curd) and hardly any flavour at all to go with the eggs. Even the hollandaise sauce was more like a mayo, with no kick or dimensions to it. Overall, this dish was quite bland, really needing the addition of a tomato relish or perhaps even just some chilli to add extra flavour.


Hoping to redeem our expectations, we moved onto the Smashed Avocado with tomatoes, feta, olives and an extra poached egg ($11.50). This had to be the best of the breakfast, with the feta being the standout to an otherwise slightly underwhelming combo. Yet again the poached egg was overcooked, missing out on that amazing oozy yolk you expect with poached eggs. But otherwise the dish was quite nice tasting, and actually quite filling despite it looking quite small.


Next up was the Croque Marcelle served with smoked ham, gruyere cheese, mustard and their own addition of iceberg lettuce ($10.50). This one again was relatively underwhelming with the addition of lettuce not really adding any extra element to the dish. It kind’ve just tasted like your average croque monsieur, with nothing extra special to note. But I guess nothing bad to note either.


The overall appearance of the Croque Marcelle looked quite appealing, with its large size and its extra sauce (extra points for extra sauce!). But it was just a shame that it was nothing special to rave about. Another major fault I had to mention was the use of baking paper under every dish, there were a few times that I actually ate paper with each mouthful, definitely not something I was keen on!


So overall, Marcelle was unfortunately a little underwhelming in the food department. The coffees however were great, and I did see another customer order the french toast which did look delicious! Also the prices were very reasonable considering we are in Sydney and the location of the café. I hope to definitely be back to indulge in their coffee selection, and hopefully try out a few more standout dishes. X

127 Macleay Street
Hours: Monday to Friday 7am-3:30pm, Saturday to Sunday 8am-3:30pm
Price: $

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