Bowery Lane, CBD {Guest Post}

The conversion back to veganism has definitely been hard, particularly having to deny myself the endless poached eggs, cured ocean trout, hollandaise sauce, fluffy ricotta pancakes…and everything else I love on the average breakfast menu. And even worse, I haven’t been able to try any new and exciting food to blog about for all you guys to read! So I made the executive decision to recruit my equally food-loving sister Jana, to start writing about all the delicious non-vegan food (ie everything) that I can’t try. So here’s Jana’s piece on the very popular Bowery Lane.

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Being only a 3 minute walk from home, we thought it was finally time to try out this trendy café, a refreshing change from the usual food selection in Sydney’s CBD. We were greeted by both beautiful interiors and welcoming service into Sydney’s new go-to café for business meetings, bloggers meetings or in this case, family meetings.


Naturally we started with a round of coffees, mine being my usual skim cappuccino. The coffees all around were great, with A noting a lack of curdle with her soy macchiato, earning extra points for that! The only slight downfall with the service was that they forgot an earl grey tea, which they immediately addressed and made up for with great Irish charm (our waiter was Irish).


We followed the great coffees with breakfast (mum was paying so why not?). We started with the Scouts Breakfast ($16 – mushrooms, roast potatoes, prosciutto, poached eggs, goats cheese and parmesan crumbs). Now this was good shit. The eggs were poached perfectly, adding an extra creaminess to the goats cheese and complimented by the crispy potatoes and prosciutto. This was definitely the stand out dish of breakfast and we all had serious food envy for not all ordering this one.


The mushrooms were cooked to perfection, and the potatoes were so majestically fried, they tasted like golden nuggets of fried butter. The micro herbs spruced up the appearance of the dish from a beige Dulux paint palette, to a refined and classy breakfast dish. And the absence of toast made us feel as though we might even say we’re eating healthy (who are we kidding?).


Now I don’t want to be a spoiler but everything else we ordered was in no comparison to the Scouts Breakfast. So I’ll say this now, everyone order the Scouts, you won’t regret it. Next we moved onto the Brooklyn Bagel and Salmon, minus the scrambled eggs ($17). The bagel came with house flaked salmon, smashed peas, creme fraiche, capers, dill and salmon roe. The mixture was overall pretty good, but I definitely understand why they add scrambled eggs on the menu. This dish was definitely lacking some extra flavour to bring it all together, being relatively bland for my tastes. The creme fraiche and peas are in general, pretty tasteless, so I would recommend some other additions to compliment the salmon.


Moving onto the adapted vegan dish: Smashed Avocado ($16) with no eggs or persian feta (my sister is pretty boring). So after explaining her veganism and serious dairy allergy to the waiter, she was given sourdough with smashed avocado, rocket, diced roma tomatoes and quinoa. To my surprise, she was actually pretty happy with the combination, being a pretty good size for a light breakfast (don’t order this if you’re fungry!). I can definitely see this being a winner dish with the persian feta and poached eggs, so I will definitely be giving this one a try next time (but the original version).


And lastly, we ordered the Baked Eggs with spiced paprika sausage ragu, red peppers, parmesan and turkish toast ($17). The appearance of this one looked pretty dismal, with the colour and plating of the dish relatively uninspired. When setting into the dish, we were disappointed even further with one half cooked egg. However, I have to say, the flavours of the overall dish were pretty good and the spices weren’t too overwhelming for a breakfast dish. But nothing too spectacular in my opinion with this dish.


All in all, I know I will definitely be trying Bowery Lane again (particularly for another Scouts Breakfast!). But there are a few minor things that they could remedy, so hopefully its just a teething issue in its early stages. And its even worth checking out just for its coffee!

Bowery Lane
Shop 1, Level 4, 1 O’Connell Street
Monday to Wednesday 7am-10pm, Thursday to Friday 7am-Late, Saturday 5pm-Late
Price: $$

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