Pazzi’s, Amsterdam

Just one week back in Sydney and I already feel like France was just a dream. Especially now seeing as I’ve reverted back to veganism and am already craving something cheesy, creamy, sweet and all of the above. And automatically my mind goes back to the delicious pizzas we had in Amsterdam at Pazzi’s.


Sitting smack bang in the middle of the trendy Jordaan area of Amsterdam is Pazzi’s, a tiny pizza shop that specialises in serving hipsters and their friends. And I mean a lot of hipsters. So many that there was a 30 minute wait before we were seated. But the pizzas were definitely worth it.


First up, we had the Saporita (14,50 euros) which was covered in mozzarella, hot salami, caciocavallo cheese and oregano. I decided to write about this one first, as it had to be the most underwhelming of the lot in comparison to the other amazing pizzas we had. Yet in saying that, the pizza was pretty good, just a little plain for my taste and lacking in a vegetable or something to add extra flavour.


Next up was the Capricciosa (tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichoke and parma ham – 14,50 euros). Now a capricciosa is usually a no-fail at most pizza restaurants and one of my favourite combinations. And this was no different. Despite the odd spacing of the parma ham, the flavours were perfect, with a delicious thin and crispy crust (not the Domino’s kind).


Now this was definitely my favourite, the Pachino (13,00 euros) topped with tomato, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, Sicilian tomatoes and basil. A slight twist on the usual margherita, the addition of buffalo mozzarella really made this pizza taste better than any I have had before. And the combination of tomatoes made the pizza juicy and flavoursome without being soggy (they’re pizza wizards I swear!). With the chili oil drizzled on top, it was absolute perfection!


And lastly the group favourite was the Boscaiola (15,00 euros) topped with mushrooms, mozzarella, hot salami and the pièce de resistance; truffle sauce. Now I do love a hint of truffle in anything, but for me this was quite strong so I opted to just spread a little over my piece. But despite my pickiness, this was a delicious pizza and we decided to order another considering its success with the group.

So if you’re in Amsterdam; definitely venture away from all the tourist restaurants and seek out Pazzi’s for delicious fresh pizza. Just don’t expect to get in before the hipsters. X

Eerste Looiersddwarsstraat 4
Hours: Monday to Sunday 5pm-10pm
Price: $-$$



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