Crunch, The Hague

After nearly 365 days in Europe visiting 20 countries, I am finally on the trek home. Although I am relatively excited to go home, I can’t help but reflect on what a great year I had and all the things about Europe I am going to miss. But I do have to say, I am very keen to try out all the new Sydney cafés and restaurants that have popped up over the year, and I am more than ready for a good coffee. One café that I visited recently which reminded me of home was Crunch in The Hague.


Now I’m not sure if many of you know about The Hague, but this is the city that houses both the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice (ie my dream workplaces). Being a law geek, naturally I had to visit. And after learning that my favourite café in Aix en Provence has a branch in The Hague, I was sold.


Crunch café is very much based on the Australian/British idea of a café, with great coffee and light and healthy meals. The coffee is organic and the produce is sourced directly from its origin, with a strong sustainable conscience. Unlike many of the cafés in Europe, Crunch knows their shit when it comes to coffee. I started with a soy macchiato (3,00 euros), which was accompanied by a complimentary blondie (who doesn’t love freebies?).


Spoilt for choices on the menu, we started with the antipasto plate (10,75 euros). The selection of antipasto was great, including parma ham, grilled eggplant, buffalo mozzarella, pesto prawns, among many other additions. Everything was faultless, exactly what you expect out of an antipasto plate and a perfect start to the meal.


We moved onto the beer-battered fish and chips with mushy peas (10,00 euros), being a special on the day we visited. After trying this combination for the first time in London, I knew this was the only way to eat fish and chips. The plate was also accompanied by a delicious tartare sauce that complimented the fish perfectly. Again, another faultless dish.


We also opted for the prawn salad, paired with pesto, avocado and artichokes (9,75 euros). The prawns were cooked perfectly, and the combination worked really well as a light lunch. The only thing that I think could be improved was the choice of prawns, instead I would use larger prawns instead of the shrimp used (but that’s me just being picky).


Sitting in my hotel room in Abu Dhabi, I am definitely ready for this kind of café food back in Sydney. Overall, Crunch café was pretty much faultless, with great service and a great selection of food. If any other law nerds are heading to The Hague, I would definitely recommend trying out this café. And if anyone has suggestions of what I should try when I’m back in Sydney I would love to hear them! X


Crunch Café
Piet Heinstraat 108-A
Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday to Sunday 10am-8pm
Price: $$



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