De Oude Muntkelder, Utrecht

After witnessing the first snowfall for the year, we decided to venture into the centre of Utrecht to indulge in Dutch pancakes. What else does one do in the Netherlands? After consulting a number of locals, we braved the snow for De Oude Muntkelder, allegedly the best Dutch pancakes in Utrecht. Seeing as we had only eaten breakfast 3 hours before, we decided to stick with just one pancake each (conservative I know).


The first pancake was a half and half: half ham and mushroom and half banana and apple (10,00 euros). Unfortunately the savoury half was pretty average, in need of cheese or a sauce to add flavour. However the sweet side was perfect, with the apple and banana perfectly caramelised to deliciousness.


The second pancake was the Hungarian: chorizo, salami, capsicum, tomato and cheese (13,00). Unfortunately this too was pretty average, lacking in flavour and tasted as though there was no cheese in the pancake at all. We were getting pretty doubtful of this restaurant’s “best pancakes” status. We decided to move on to the third pancake, the Austrian: beef, mushrooms, onion and salad (13,00).


Although this was a lot better than the other savoury pancakes, it wasn’t overwhelmingly delicious (as we were promised). The beef and mushrooms were cooked well, but once again seriously lacking in a sauce to highlight the flavours. Unfortunately I would not name this the best pancakes in Utrecht, although I am yet to try others. If you’re heading up to Utrecht I would recommend just eating the sweet pancakes at De Oude Muntkelder, with a lot of options available. Another downside, the restaurant does not serve tap water so keep that in mind before visiting! X

De Oude Muntkelder
Oude Gracht a/d Werf 112
Hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm-9pm
Price: $$


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