Nudelfabrik, Düsseldorf

I know, I know. Our first meal in Germany was at an Italian restaurant. But trust me, when you’ve been travelling since 7am and have lugged 50kg of luggage through two countries, you will eat anything and everything. And it all gets ten times better when you actually pick a decent restaurant. So we found ourselves at Nudelfabrik, located in the hip area of Düsseldorf called Flingern.


Please excuse the terrible photo, but as you can see this place is just your average looking pizza joint. But in fact, Nudelfabrik was one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve eaten at all year (Including Italy itself!). We were seated promptly among romantic diners and lively Christmas parties, and were immediately served with complimentary homemade bread and garlic butter. They had already sold me. Seriously lacking imagination and a German vocabulary, we started with an Art de Haus pizza (mushrooms, ham, pepperoni and artichokes) at 7,90 euros.


The pizza was exactly as pizza should be: cheesy and saucy with a thick wood-fired base and covered with delicious toppings. I don’t often get too excited over pizza but I even fought over the last piece for this one…


Keeping with our unimaginative taste for the night, we moved onto a spaghetti carbonara (7,50 euros). With homemade spaghetti, how could you say no? Again, there is not one bad thing I could say about this dish. Instead of bacon, the carbonara was made with ham, providing a more substantial protein proportion to the meal (healthier right?). And the creaminess was on point, perhaps a little creamy for me (a tomato sauce lover).

So if any of you readers are in this trendy nook of Düsseldorf and have over-indulged in schnitzel and pretzels, head to Nudelfabrik for a touch of Italian. X

Nudelfabrik Zum Nudeln
Ackerstrasse 144, Düsseldorf
Hours: Monday to Friday 11am-3pm and 5pm-11pm, Saturday to Sunday 3pm-11pm
Price: $$


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