Toma Café, Madrid

Winter has definitely started here in France, and once again I’m locked indoors dreaming of warmer climates and a time when I could afford more than porridge…So here I am fantasising of Madrid and memories of whiling away hours in a cute little café sipping on hot coffees made by an actual barista (a serious rarity in France). Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Toma.


Another tiny nook in the trendy area of Malasaña, Toma is the go-to café for all you serious coffee fiends. The café serves an array of coffees from filter and aeropress down to the usual cappuccino – whatever takes your fancy. The coffees were perfect, a serious cut above the usual European standard and coming very close to the Australian standard (nothing’s as good!). The coffee menu was accompanied by several sweet treats including croissants, brownies and my choice of lemon and poppy seed cake.


Although not the most appetizing cake in this picture, this cake was light and fluffy, and extremely tangy – just the way I like a citrus cake. It was perfect for a mid-morning treat, but don’t come here with a rumbling stomach as this is as far as the menu goes. The atmosphere of the café was great too, with families, couples and hipster coffee-lovers huddling into this tiny café on a rainy morning to enjoy Toma’s outstanding coffee selection. To top it off, the menu’s pricing was extremely reasonable with my cortado priced at only 1,50 euros and cake at 2,50 euros, a nice treat for my wallet!


All in all, I would say Toma is a definite stop for all the coffee-lovers heading to Madrid. And just a side note for all the ladies: the barista is a babe! X

Toma Café
Calle La Palma 49
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday to Sunday 10am-8pm
Price: $


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