San Ginés, Madrid

One of the first tips travellers will give you about Madrid, aside from the free tapas, is to grab a basket of churros and one of the world’s best hot chocolates at San Ginés. Obviously no one can say no to that.


Having visited Madrid before when I was 18, I never really fell in love with the city with its overwhelming heat and huge crowds. Yet with the news of a friend on exchange in Spain’s capital, I thought I would give it another try. Another season, another year, I was glad I gave Madrid the second chance, being able to get a local perspective on the city rather than the superficial tourist visit I undertook at 18. As you can see a definite highlight was the food, with my first stop being at Chocolateria San Ginés.


Now I’ve always been a fan of churros (who wouldn’t love a deep fried, crunchy, sugary stick?) But as many of you may not know, the delicious churros we have in Sydney (ie El Loco’s dulce de leche churros) are not quite the real deal. The churros in Spain, unfortunately, are not coated in a delicious cinnamon sugar. Nevertheless, the churros at San Ginés were still delicious, soft and crunchy the way they should be and at only 3,90 euros for one hot chocolate and 6 sticks. The hot chocolate was extremely chocolate-y, almost more of a syrup than the expected pure, thick chocolate. Yet still a delicious dipping sauce for the churros, although I wouldn’t recommend drinking this bad boy on its own.


The café itself was very Spanish, with a basic bar-like interior and the walls lined with old school photos of celebrities visiting the chocolateria. Overall, the experience was enjoyed and will be welcomed again purely based on the delicious churros. Yet I wouldn’t say this was one of the best hot chocolates in the world. I would love to hear some hot chocolate suggestions from you guys if you want to comment below! X

San Ginés
Pasadizo San Ginés, 5
Hours: Monday to Sunday 24 hours
Price: $

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