Le Musée, Lyon

If you’ve ever been to Lyon, you may have heard of a bouchon. For those who haven’t, a bouchon is a restaurant that serves traditional lyonnais cuisine, primarily consisting of all things meat (and I mean ALL things). So evidently, I broke all personal morals and became an all-consuming carnivore for the weekend, something I definitely did not regret. My first stop was Le Musée, a traditional bouchon known for its odd cuts of meat and rich, food-coma inducing meals. Not the fanciest of places, this place is definitely a must-try to experience the local lyonnais cuisine!


Now the first thing I have to mention about this restaurant is the absolutely incredible service, another rarity in France. After being seated we were approached by the owner and chef of the bouchon, who sat down and explained every dish to us, with the menu changing every day. After rambling off a number of oddities including lamb’s brains, veal’s feet and pig’s head, we settled for a terrine of beetroot and goat’s cheese (finally a vegetarian meal!) and saucisson (French sausage) with homemade brioche.



Z was evidently too hungry and gobbled up the saucisson before I could take a photo, but you can see a peek of it. Evidently the entrée was incredible, with a deliciously soft and sweet brioche, balancing perfectly against the fattiness of the sausage, which was equally delicious. My terrine was extremely light and tangy, in my opinion the perfect start to a meal and it was definitely good to take a rest from all the meat consumption. But not for long, as we ordered the confit of duck in honey and orange (drool) and braised pig cheeks in white wine. Now this was just incredible.



Being a huge duck fan in my old carnivorous days, I couldn’t help myself but try out some French duck. And oh was that a good decision. The honey caramelised the duck without being too sweet, with a hint of tartness from the oranges. Just wow! And the pig’s cheeks were so delicately braised they legit melted in your mouth (I feel like Matt Preston). But seriously, out of this world good. And to top it all off, the mains were served with this bad boy.


Yes, I know this does not look like the most appetizing dish, but oh my god was it good. This potato dauphinoise and braised celery (who knew celery could be so good?) were the absolute perfect accompaniments to an already extremely rich meal. Hello gluttony!

And yes, that’s right, for probably the first time this year I couldn’t fit in dessert. This is serious. Now talking price-wise, the bouchon was definitely a splash-out for us being on a super tight budget (bank deficit to be exact) at 24 euros each. But with that in mind, the food and service was incredible and we also shared half a litre of red wine. So for normal people with jobs, the prices are extremely reasonable.

Now please excuse me while I jog to Geneva to work off this meal. X

Le Musée
2 Rue Forces, Lyon
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12-2pm, 7:30-9:30pm
Price: $$-$$$


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