Minoofi Bakery, Marseille

I guess most important things in my life start with indulging in a delicious treat. A brain-fueling full English breakfast before every exam, a good (and I mean great) coffee before every class, and today a cupcake before my very first blog post. After submitting a 5,000 word assignment and completing my first French sociology exam, lets just say I was in dire need of a treat. And Minoofi Bakery was just the place.


I’ve seen photos posted of aforementioned cupcakes multiple times on Instagram, yet have never made it to this heavenly, obesity-inducing bakery. Today was the day. Nestled in the very chic 6th arrondissement of Marseille, lies Minoofi Bakery, the brainchild of two sisters who share an innate passion for food and all things sweet. What could be better?

Walking in, the café itself holds a significant amount of tables, a rarity in France, with a cute upstairs eating area. The bakery serves an array of coffees and teas, lunch and a multitude of mouth-watering sweet treats. Just what I was looking for.



Now, I’m not the kinda gal who stops at just one cupcake and calls it a day. But seeing as I had just consumed 24, yes I said 24, shrimp dumplings, I wasn’t about to add another inch to my already expanding hips. So I settled for one. One absolutely delicious, moist, sweet yet subtle raspberry and white chocolate cupcake (framboise et choco blanc). And oh was it good.


So there you go, Minoofi Bakery for everyone. If you’re like me, you’re probably still drooling over that cupcake and organising a last-minute flight to Marseille. Maybe that’s just me. X

Update: I recently went back to Minoofi to sample one of their drool-worthy cheesecakes. And boy was I glad! Forget the cupcakes, forget ever eating anything else again when you can shovel down endless pieces of caramel and pecan cheesecake (4,00 euros per slice). Luckily I didn’t taste this slice of heaven before leaving the café otherwise that is just what I would have done…

Minoofi Bakery
104 Rue Paradis, Marseille 13006 and 10 Rue de la Loge 13002
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm
Price: $


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